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What is your favorite thing about Autumn?
What do you enjoy most in October?
What do you look forward to in November?
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#mooniemonday so much love for the last episode of #sailormooncrystal <3 did you #moonies like it? #sailormoon #halloween #October #luna #pumpkin

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#vampire birthday dinner :)

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#vampire birthday fun haha

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#vampire birthday fun ;)

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Ready for my #vampire theme birthday dinner :) #skull #gothic #bat pics to come later!!

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Today is my birthday

I slept in late after staying up late to watch the newest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal

I will be dressing up as a vampire in a few hours

I will eat a lot and drink a lot- but not blood, I promise

I will laugh a lot - it would be cool if more people got my FREE ebook <3 that’d be nice

I hope I get cool presents

That is all

~Elizabeth Azpurua

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My ebook is FREE

Also I love you

I hope you like it

The poems are weird


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Elizabeth Azpurua

Elizabeth Azpurua

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this means so much to me. so much

Okay but like actually this is the most thoughtful gift IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

It might seem to make more sense to give Ron the precious family heirloom (remember that Molly’s brother Fabian died in the First Wizarding War; Molly has held onto his watch out of sentimentality since then). But Ron is the sixth son in his (canonically financially-struggling) family. He’s been forced into hand-me-downs his whole life. If he’d gotten the watch with a dent in the back, he wouldn’t have appreciated it; he’d only have seen the flaw. And if his mum bought Harry a new watch instead of getting Ron one, Ron would have resented that. A new watch was a worthwhile expense to get Ron a rare taste of the luxury and individual attention he has always craved.

Harry, though. Harry has money; Harry has new things. What Harry does not have is family. Harry is an orphan. Other than one photo album and the invisibility cloak, he doesn’t have anything that came with family history attached. What Molly does here is give him that; she makes him part of the family, symbolically, by giving him an emotionally significant if physically imperfect item. She gives him love in a tangible form.

This makes me CRY

Even more sad: Molly didn’t just have one brother. She had two, Gideon and Fabian, and they were twins. They both died in the first war and Fred and George’s names are a deliberate remembrance of them. Molly is overbearing in protecting her sons and keeping them close, but losing her family isn’t an abstract threat to her. It’s something that’s already happened once. And she gives Fabian’s watch to Harry because he’s her kid too. He belongs in her family, and she’ll worry for him too, and fight for him, and afskfhgl I have so many herofeels for Molly Weasely the Supermum.  

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For 5 days my poetry ebook is FREE!!

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Announcement on my Facebook page tomorrow !! #elizabethazpurua #author #girlswithtattoos #ink #tattoo #mockingjay #thg #curlyhair

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I’m super excited about tomorrow!! #moonies #luna #sailormoon Simba is excited too :3 #sailormooncrystal #smc #odango hat made by @ggicampa because she’s awesome :) #cosplay #nerd #dork I’m never growing up.